Home Broadband Service

IPTV video services are streamed over the internet therefore to view services like BBC iPlayer you must have a internet broadband service provided by either ADSL (BT Broadband for example), Cable (Virgin for example), or FTTC (BT Infinity for example)

Connection to Broadband

Your broadband as it enters the house will pass through a modem or modem router that is either supplied by broadband provider or bought by yourself. To connect to the Digital Stream you will need a router, therefore if you have a modem only device for your broadband you'll need to buy a router.

Once you have a router connected to your broadband or using an existing modem router, you then need to connect it to the ethernet port at the back of the Digital Stream, some ways in which this can be done:

  • Via RJ45 CAT5 network cables (for more info see Cat5)
  • Via WiFi (for more info see WiFi) Note - The Digital Stream does not have built in WiFi so an adapter would be needed to plug into the ethernet port at the back of the Digital Stream
  • Via Homeplugs (for more info see Homeplug)


  • BBC iPlayer - Not Available
    • BBC iPlayer is no longer enabled on the DigitalStream Freeview+HD PVR, It required Software Version 4.14+ but due to ongoing year on year charge DST Korea decided not to continue support from the DTG Servers.iPlayer, 4OD, ITV Player etc. are now best obtained via a NowTV box (£9.99 from NowTV/Sky) which requires no initial charge or ongoing subscription.
  • Connect TV - Patchy Service
    • Provides IPTV service on Freeview channels 110, 111, 112, & 116
  • C4 Music
    • Red Button Service - Pick from Menu - Requires a re-tune to change Sub-Channel