• Channel change after entering the channel number is too slow
    • Press the OK Button - The system is waiting for longer Channel Numbers to be entered
  • Does the HDMI output 5.1 surround sound ?
    • Yes from FW Update 4.12
  • Full Scan vs. Update Scan - What's the difference ?
    • Update Scan should keep your current channels and just add any new or changed channels - May not work depending on Broadcaster Information.
  • How many Recording Reservations can I set in the Schedule ?
    • Practically limitless - Very large number . . .
  • Info Banner stays on screen too long
    • Press EXIT to Remove.
  • Pressing the Record button on a program whilst in EPG does not give the Series Recording option
    • Use the OK Button when in the EPG - From FW 4.22 added options for Padding and Manual Repeat Reservations
  • Transport Banner blocks view when picture is paused, or frame advance, etc. is being used
    • Smaller / Redesigned Banner from FW 4.14
  • When end of a recording is reached it starts from the beginning again
    • The Repeat Symbol will be seen in the Transport Banner - Press the REPEAT Button to cycle Options.
  • Will The PVR Auto Switch My TV To The Correct HDMI Input ?
    • No - HDMI CEC is not supported.