Freeview+HD PVR

There are three models of DigitalStream Freeview+HD PVR:

  • DHR8203U - 320GB
  • DHR8205U - 500GB
  • DHR8206U - 1TB

The only difference between DHR models is the size of the internal HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

The User Manual for all three models can be downloaded from DHR820xU_USER MANUAL_V1.0.pdf ( 8MB)

Freeview HD Receiver

There is also an HD Receiver model:

  • DHP8100U

It is a single tuner device with no internal HDD, however with the addition of a USB HDD (more than 160GB in size) it can function as a single tuner PVR.

Most features are the same for the DHP8100 as for the DHR PVR range, the main differences to the DHR PVR models are:

  • No VFD instead there is a simple LED Display
  • There is no PiP
  • Uses an external power supply brick
  • Has no internal fan

User manual can be downloaded from DHP8100U_USER MANUAL_V0.7.pdf (10MB)