HDMI Cables

Cheap HDMI are just as likely to work well as any expensive one so save your money.
Amazon Basics work well.
Make sure to route any HDMI cables away from your Input and Link RF/Aeriel cables and if you have any tuning issues (especially HD channels) thentry moving the HDMI cable relative to RF cable.

Remote Controls - Alternatives (Multi Device Programmable/Learning)

Logitech Remotes are highly regarded
300 - 300i - 600 - etc

USB Sticks & HDD'S

Known Good USB see How To - Prepare USB

HDD as Fitted by DigitalStream
HDD is a Western Digital AV series.
320GB WD3200AVVS
500GB WD5000AVDS
1TB .... WD10EURS
Current WD Listing WD AV-GP
Alternative HDD is the ST3500312CS Seagate Pipeline HD 500GB
(Note: Single Platter Seagate AV drives seem to be quieter and last longer in the DS DHR)